The tradition of 2 generations in poultry farming, the knowhow and experience in the field of egg breeding and selling our people have, is the best guarantee for the quality of the final product. In terms of variety, it covers from simple and special shell products (eggs rich in Ω3 and vitamins, organic eggs), seasonal products (Easter eggs), as well as pasteurized
egg products (whole, white, yolk, yolk with 11% salt, yolk with sugar, omelet mix), for the needs of mass marketing and supplying grocery stores, hotels, patisseries, bakeries and catering businesses. 

Quality is our primary focus, hence we have ensured that our entire chain of storage and distribution of our products is certified by ISO 22000 and IFS (International Food Standards), also always observing HAACP regulations for the production, candling, standardization and packaging of eggs.